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  • Højsæsonen i Costa Rica er på vej & vores camp ÅBNER!


Højsæsonen i Costa Rica er på vej & vores camp ÅBNER!

COSTA RICA, VI ER TILBAGE! Vores Camp åbner igen d. 2. november og vi er så stoked over at komme tilbage til den tropiske drømmedestination, som vi alle længe har længdes efter.  

Vi ved mange af jer gæster også har savnet det - Santa Teresa har en speciel måde at få dig til at føle dig hjemme på, selvom du er langt hjemmefra. Det samme gør vores camp! Med gåafstand til stranden, en skøn pool, en tropisk have og god samhørigheds stemning lover vi dig, at du føler dig hjemme med det samme. Book dig ind på et dobbeltværelse med din ven, eller book en seng i sovesalen - omkring 25-30% af vores gæster rejser alene og det er meget nemt at få venner på campen. Vi kan ikke vente med at byde jer velkommen tilbage til paradiset og gøre hvert et øjeblik mindeværdigt.  

Højsæsonen er på vej! Costa Rica har to hovedsæsoner; en regnsæson og en tørsæson.  

Tørsæsonen (som er højsæsonen) starter i midten af november med fantastisk surf for alle niveauer. Der er masser af forskellige surf spots for alle niveauer omkring Santa Teresa og vores instruktører vil tage dig hen til det bedste spots på dagen.  

Når du rejser til Costa Rica fra Europa, flere stater i USA og mange andre lande, er der ikke påkrævet karantæne. Se vores FAQ under for mere information angående dit land.  

Vi anbefaler altid at rejse klimavenligt og fx direkte fly er bedre end fly med mellemlandinger. Der er mange direkte fly fra storbyerne i Europa til San José i Costa Rica og vi vil med glæde arrangere en komfortable transfer fra San José International Airport (SJO), eller hvor du bor i storbyen San José, til campen. Hvis du rejser hertil langvejsfra, er det bedre at blive lidt længere. Book en uge eller to på campen for at sikre dig din surf ferie bliver uforglemmelig!  

Sidst men ikke mindst – du kan ombooke gratis! Du kan ændre dine datoer gratis op til 7 dage før ankomst dag og du kan ombooke til nye datoer indenfor et år fra din originale bookings startdato.   

Så tag forbi vores surf camp i Costa Rica!  

Har du flere spørgsmål? Se mere ved vores FAQ under. 


As of October 26, there is no longer a need to present a RT-PCR diagnostic test with a negative result for entering Costa Rica. Costa Rica also re-enables its air border to all countries in the world as long as they meet the visa requirements when required, as well as the requirements established in the framework of the pandemic.

Requirements to enter Costa Rica:  

  • Fill out the electronic epidemiological HEALTH PASS form, available at https://salud.go.cr.

  • Passengers coming from the U.S. must show through their driver’s license or state identification (State ID) that they live in one of the 20 authorized states.  This requirement excludes children travelling with their family.

  • Traveler’s Medical Insurance - international or purchased in Costa Rica through the National Insurance Institute (INS - Instituto Nacional de Seguros) https://www.grupoins.com/seguroparaviajeros, or Sagicor https://www.sagicor.cr/seguro_para_turistas/­.

For international insurance policies, tourists must request a certification from their insurance company, issued in English or Spanish, verifying at least the following three conditions:

  • Effectiveness of the policy during the visit to Costa Rica.

  • Guaranteed coverage of medical expenses in the event of becoming ill with the pandemic COVID-19 virus while in Costa Rica, for at least USD $50,000 (fifty thousand United States Dollars).

  • Includes minimum coverage of USD $2,000 for lodging expenses issued as a result of the pandemic.

Passengers who fail to comply with these requirements may not enter the country. 

Since the information changes quickly, please stay updated about the latest information here: https://www.visitcostarica.com/en/costa-rica/statement-costa-rica-tourism-board-covid-19

Do you need a test to enter Costa Rica from the EU? Do you need to wear a mask everywhere? 

No, you no longer need to show a negative covid-19 test. Masks must be worn in most indoor places like the airport, ferry, taxis, shuttles, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, shops etc. In restaurants, servers have to wear masks but patrons do not. In town and at the beach masks are not required. 

Is December a good month to learn to surf? 

Yes, we plan the lessons after tides and weather. It means that level 1 lessons will be held on good beginner spots during the time of the day when the waves are the smallest and most suitable for that level. 

Can I rebook my trip for free if I need to?

Yes, you can change your dates free of charge up until 7 days before arrival day and you can rebook to new dates within 1 year from the original booking's starting date.

Can you travel from Europe without having to quarantine?

According to visitcostarica.com, no quarantine is required.

Is Costa Rica suitable for more advanced surfers?

Yes, the waves are bigger June - July. The waves are cleaner during January - February. There are plenty of different surf spots for all levels around Santa Teresa

How many of your visitors travel alone?

Throughout the last year, around 25-30% of our guests have been solo travellers. It´s really easy to make friends at the camp!

What months do you get the biggest swells?

Costa Rica is basically divided into two main seasons: the wet season, and the dry season. While there’s plenty of surf to be had in both seasons, the wet season tends to be bigger, better, and more consistent.

The wet or “rainy” season in Costa Rica is from May until mid-November. It’s during this season that the Pacific dishes out a healthy serving of northwest, south and southwest swells.  Costa Rica loves a good SW swell making June, July, August, and September some of the biggest and most promising months. It’s also good to note that northern Costa Rica tends to be drier than the rest of the country during the wet season.

Are January and February good months to surf in Costa Rica?

Yes, definitely! The waves are smaller, but cleaner, and the weather is beautifully sunny!

How experienced are the surfers that choose to travel with Lapoint?

We have classes for all levels, no matter if you’re a beginner or already living the dream!

How do I know if I´m good enough for level 2?

Level 2 is for those who have surfed a few times and can catch green waves. You can always adjust your level once you are at the camp if you feel that you’re not in the right group. 

Have you already got bookings for November or will I be solo at the camp?

Don´t worry, we have bookings for every week in November. 

What are the opening restrictions on bars, restaurants and beaches in Santa Teresa?

Bars and nightclubs are currently not open but restaurants are.  Servers have to wear masks but patrons do not. 

Is it easy to travel on public transport through Costa Rica right now? 

Yes, it is.  A mask is required in all forms of public transportation.  

What is the best surf spot?

Depends on skill level and experience. Right out front at Playa Carmen, we have nice white water for beginners and long peeling waves for intermediate/advanced surfers. If you’re looking for faster and hollow waves then northern Santa Teresa has some nice options.

How many people are allowed at the camp due to COVID? Is it full capacity or reduced?

The camp is at full capacity but it’s a spacious camp and we have a plan in place if anyone gets sick and needs to be evacuated to a private room. 

What if my flight gets cancelled? Can I reschedule 

Yes as soon as you get a flight cancelled and can’t get another one in time please send us an email with your cancelled flight details and we will move you to another date that works for you in the future.

Do I have to arrive on a Monday?

So at the camp, we follow a weekly schedule and we usually recommend arriving in San Jose on Sundays since it takes around 6-7 hours to get to the camp. We can, however, be a little flexible here if you are struggling to find flights on the right dates just email our customer care team to enquire about different arrival dates info@lapointcamps.com .

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